Let the magic begin!

Dr.  No Effects SORCIÈRE

 Let the magic begin!

How does it work?

SORCIÈRE is Dr.  No’s new project.  Already 2 years in the making in Dr.  No’s laboratory.

It’s almost time to launch and become available to the public.

SORCIÈRE consists of a number of ritual tone elements that become available per part and ultimately can form a unity. SORCIÈRE is therefore not one project or effect, but consists of several separate parts issued over time.

The ritual order of appearance is:

1 # NecroFuzzIcon

2 # The Djinn

3 # SORCIÈRE altar

SORCIÈRE, like all Dr.  No Effects is completely handmade, and is made in small series with great care and attention to detail and is available in small series of 50 pieces per build series with a final total of 666 handmade copies.  Each time a new series is created, they will be made available on www.DrNo-Effects.com

If you subscribed to the Dr. No Effects newsletter, you will be the first to receive a message about a new available series.

All separate elements can eventually form the intended unity and collector’s item if you are interested, but the NecroFuzzIcon, the Djinn and the SORCIÈRE altar can be obtained separately.

The NecroFuzzIcon, the first part of SORCIÈRE, will be available soon in a first series at www.DrNo-Effects.com


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Happy to bring you the news about Dr. No’s newest project and creation, SORCIÈRE.

Dr. No has decided to drastically changed his direction and to accelerate when it comes to innovation and creativity regarding his work as effects Doctor.

SORCIÈRE (his latest brainchild), will be a long journey and ritual to were active participation is required from you.  From a secret members Instagram page in conjunction with your registration of Dr.  No’s newsletter here at www.drno-effects.com, (that maybe end up in spam filters, because forces will do anything to prevent you from being a part of this) you will receive parts, clues and tasks that you must complete in order to have the chance to have access to one of the only 333 SORCIÈRE projects that will be released and listed on www.drno-effects.com as you completed the ritual at the end of the journey and found the correct key-code to use as access key. SORCIÈRE will be released after all rituals are performed by the members and partisipants. It can only be released with your partisipation, because you will be a part of the whole development and manifestation. If not…..the Witch will die and will never see the darkness of night.

SORCIÈRE is not available through simple sales, but also need your focus and participation in the ritual that must be performed by you!  The ritual and information  will be provided in phases, with each phase and clue and or assignment you can unravel part of a key-code by executing each assignment in the gronilogical order. Some keys will lead you to parts and rituals you will receive by postal service and a actual ritual needs to be perfomred at your home.   Ultimately the full code is your key and access code to 1 of the 333 SORCIÈRE projects that you can open with the key-code at www.drno-effects.com.

Does it all seem complicated and blurry? Cool….but no worries, if you pay attention all parts, clues and rituals will find you! The only thing you need to do is play the game after becoming a member at the secret meber page HERE and subscribe yourself to the newsletter on this page at the pop-up screen when opening www.drno-effects.com.

Please note!  The first part of the search for the key-code only starts with, but also closes doors at 666 participants and members.

During the partisipation you will receive no help and answer for solving the clues to find your key-code. But maybe other members can and will help you. And as said before……the first clue will find you! But….if you fail in performing the rituals or finding the right code, you will not ne one of the 333 who can own SORCIÈRE.

(The key-code does not contain characters, capital letters or spaces, but consist of contiguous letters and numbers.)

Let’s play!


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New Dr. No Effects Project Release.

I started a new project early 2019.

Thereby started a self research without outsourched information on how creativity creates religion and how religion can help us to be creative. 

A large important part is to temporarily not being part of influential mind-determining, wrongly used dopamine generating environment such as social media. 

How do things or situations inspire our creative minds? How important is creativity? How do we use our creativity nowadays? Are we using and evolving our creative minds in the current era were we mostly outsource our knowledge without using our ability to think for ourselves? Or are we being influenced and programmed to think in pre-directed directions? Is information we gather and use allready thought-out information and are people thinking and creating new things without being influenced and programmed, finding answers and solutions within themselves?  Is it making us smarter and do we grow in a selftought creative way or are we shrinking in our ability to be creative? How do I cast this in a whole to progress creativity applied by creative artists and musicians? 

Above are some of the questions involved in this project. I am at the point that some way of religion or beleive influences our ability to be creative. And I like to transfer and transform this knowledge to a level that it can be used for you to be and use as a creative musician to expand the ways to create as well as being inspired with the use of this project. 

As a fact, I have tried to transfer this idea and filosofie since 2003 when  I started making creative tools. 

I felt and noticed that these were missing in the current offered range, and that such tools were programmed to stimulate creativity in only one way.  The digitization of what should be creative tools has limited us rather than increased our creativity.

I experience that the creative musician noticed that the digital world and creativity do not go together with the analogous functioning of our brain.  It limits our brain with unclear but definitely present walls and ceilings that limit us as a creative being and only let us think in one way directed solutions for our defined or undefined needs.  

Conceptuality is missing and not in-depth development of digitization primarily serves commerciality, not creativity or selfthoughtness. 

In my opinion, development in this market and supply should serve all times and exclusively creativity.  Because what do we ultimately want to achieve?  Uniformity?  Individuality?  Or …. That we are prescribed what something must be from an interest and motivation that does not serve us as creative beings?

To summarize everything …. Are you creative inspired by a Coca Cola and a Happy Meal at the Mc Donalds restaurant where a newest commercial hit is played via MP3?  Or do you get inspired and creative in a room full of art, where you drink a carefully brewed beer with a beautiful vinyl in the background?  Are you getting creative and inspired from the latest programmed Boss Katana, or from a beautiful Boutique tube amp?
Do you want to think about what you want to consume? Or do you want to consume what you are prescribed to use?

Which of these examples do you feel comfortable with?  But also safe as a creative person.  I am referring to the people who understand what I mean above.  And I’m also going to increase and provoke this thought by casting this whole subject in a true inspirational tool and concept. 

Thank you so much for reading. 

Dr. No

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