PowerDriver MKII

PowerDriver MKII

The newest DrNo creation makes hist RED monster the new standard for GREEN!

We all get overwhelmed by overdrive pedals, in many forms, colours and shapes.
I believe every brand, Boutique builder has to build his own Overdrive pedal, because there are still differences or upgrades to add.

Because its one of the most delicate effects you can add to your pedal-board, building a good one comes to an art form. The most used and most wanted overdrive pedal (also called “The Holy Grail” of overdrive) is the Famous GREEN TS808 from Ibanez. I mean the old one here, build  late ’70s by Nisshin that developed  the first Tube Screamer. The legendary Tube Screamer debuted in 1979 and that was later popularized by many players that set the tone. I think almost every guitar player owns or pre-owned at least one of the amazing 43 generations.

In general TS are also known con’s of this beautiful instrument. The one I heard most that it is a little mild and its not really get you over that edge that is sometimes needed. In some cases  you like to take it to 11, but it stops at 10.

DrNo has now worked out the second and final version of his answer to your overdrive needs.

The PowerDriver MKII is to be called the Holy Grail on steroids and his answer to green, namely….RED. Red represents the colour of anger, screaming, an outlet of emotions that need to be set free in making music and Rock and Roll.

With its organic, warm overdrive this is a must have on your pedal-board.

Together with the original and rare to find ingredients the finesse of this pedal takes you beyond any other overdrive pedal you ever used before.

Also added a “heavy duty toggle switch” on the side to change your overdrive character in two settings, authentic  and aggressive.

All made by hand by DrNo in Eindhoven Rockcity.



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Holy Wahcamoly!!!

DrNo-Effects “Holy Wahcamoly”  DrNo’s Newest Wah Pedal.
Dedicated to my lost friend Peer Borgers who helped me by borrowing his whole precious collection to me to create the Holy Wahcamoly. Rest in Peace my friend, this one’s for you! I know you didnt try the last proto, so I hope you like it. By the way….hope your not mad I left it green….hahaha?!

The origin of the Wah Wah comes from 1966 were Brad Plunkett designed the first wah type pedal. After that a various range of Wah’s were produced. The range and variety of Wah Wah pedals is extreme and questions like “what kind of Wah is suitable for me?” is amongst every playing guitarist.

I studied and played almost every Wah Wah to learn what makes the difference. Goal was to create a Wah that is subtle, smooth that takes you beyond limitations to for fill your space needs, and gear you up with the most awesome Wah Wah ever existed. The most important ingredient to prepare this delicious vintage tone,  is the “Custom Vintage and Hand wound Halo inductor”, that is specially made for DrNo-Effects and will also be available as a replacement part for your Wah to spice up its range. Check the custom “Myth Halo” soon at my new upcoming webshop with premium parts!

The result? The DrNo-Effects “Holy Wahcamoly”! A full range “Wah Rocker Pedal” with a wide range of possibilities and never heard before “sweat spots” suitable for the Raw vintage player.

The Holy Wahcamoly houses the most common and favorite Wah’s ever existed.

DrNo even added a self tunable modification knob to create your own signature Wah sound. On the outside of the “Holy Wahcamoly” a capacitor switch is added to choose your favorite range.

Build like a tank in a powder coated “Guacamole Green” steel housing , together with “award winning graphics” and wooden (hand silkscreened) box.
Boutique at its highest level.

The Ultimate Wah Wah Rocker pedal with:
*Hand wound  “Myth Halo” inductor.
*100% Handmade in Eindhoven Rockcity
*Custom made Award Winning Graphics (Dieline Awards 2012).
*Silkscreened wooden box
*Power input DC 9Volts Negative Point 2.1mm Jack
*Output capacitor switch 3 settings to for ultimate WahWah sweetness.
*Heavy Duty Die Cast Housing with Powder Coated surface.
*Vintage style Wah Pot.
* Premium Components
*Added Buffer Circuit (No need to worry about positions and losing power and defenition of your Holy Wahcamoly when putting in effects chain). A little added volume when hitting the pedal (Adjustable with “trimpot” inside).

The Holy Wahcamoly will only be available at the listed stores on my website.
Retail price €339,- $435,-


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Boutique? Or not?

I come accross many new pedals that are called “Boutique” just because to value the product higher. These days it is very easy to buy a product from a Chinese manufacturer and put on your own logo or brand on it and name it yours and call it handmade and “Boutique”.  It seems legal to sell it through a handmade or “Boutique” label even if they are not.

Still the definition of Boutique is:
“The term boutique is commonly used to describe high-quality, handmade effects  built in small-scale production runs without the use of automation or  mass-production techniques, thus allowing for greater attention to detail and  custom-tuning of individual units. Obviously, the price of these effects will be  significantly greater than most of the mass-produced offerings of the larger  manufacturers. It is decidedly a niche market, attracting only the most discerning ears and discriminating tastes”.

Just as you know, All DrNo-Effects are made by DrNo himself (and they always will be). Every proces is done by hand with only handselected premium components, exclusive and award winning graphics. Handwired , hand Silkscreened, Environment friendly materials and prodcution proces. All oldschool production proces and methods. Tested and tuned individualy to get you the best instrument men can build. With that “True Vintage Tone”.

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