Dr.No has some great news for you.

Almost two and a half years ago Dr.No invented the PowerDriver-Booster.

This pedal was an instant success and they were very promising to concur the world.

Unfortunately some parts and components became unavailable to continue the build of these awesome devices.
It looked like the PowerDriver-Booster was  threatened with extinction after a short power full period that it shined.

Numerous requests, e-mail, telephone calls from shops and musicians followed “when and if Dr.No was going to build these devices again. The answer was never…….

Until late 2013……
Dr.No has found some last remaining parts that could raise the PowerDriver-Booster again.
Last few months he spend on rebuilding the original circuits, coated and silkscreened the Green twin pedals in extreme limited quantities. NOW THEY ARE READY!


So hurry to get a hold of one at your local Dr.No dealers listed at the Dealers page on this website as quantities are limited and this very pedal becomes a true collector’s item.

If you want to be sure to get a hold of one, contact Dr.No directly at the contact page.

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