Kafuzz!!! Limited Edition!!!

Straight from the boutique dungeon at DrNo-Effects headquarters! Dr.No has build this extreme limited edition of the Kafuzz!!! This to celebrate the enormous success that reach beyond expectations. These limited edition of only 10 pcs are available for who comes first.

POWER DRIVER MKII The New Standard!!

HI, It has been a while since the Dr. had finished a new product. Sometimes it is difficult to be fully satisfied on a finished product!!! Thats why things took so long to present,… sorry about that! 2013 is going to be a good Dr.No year to serve you some great new products that are…


The Doctor started working on the new version of the PowerDriver II a few months ago. This is going to be a replacement of the Drive-0-Matic , and will include some extra features and options. How its sounds? AWESOME!!!

Chris Cornell new featured artist DrNo-Effects!

I probably am the proudest Doctor in the world! Who guessed that my all time favourite band Soundgarden was going to use my effects! These guys are and were a big inspiration to me! Also after a long radio silence they are coming out with a new record called KING ANIMAL that is coming out on Nov…