John Konesky [Tenacious D]

Artist: John Konesky Using: Kafuzz!!!, Powerdriver/Booster, More Gary Website: John is an awesome allround guitar player who plays with Tenacious D. John is also the host of Guitarings who give you all the news about everything that is cool in guitar world.

Scott Reeder new featured artist for DrNo-Effects

We all know the legendary band KYUSS, (and if you don’t, your on the wrong website here). Scott Reeder is still playing, and is also playing KYUSS Lives again, after the ressurection of KYUSS. He is using the Black Magic ultimate badass Bass Distortion/Fuzz and so became the newest endorsee for DrNo-Effects. Thanks Scott!

Ford Falcon Fuzzz Limited Edition available at Cortonville!

Proud to announce that the Ford Falcon Fuzzz will be one of the initiatives that kick off on the website of Eric Corton “Cortonville”. The Fuzz will be available at limited editions only for the extreme boutique effects fans! The come in Black or Grey, are numbered and are packed with an awesome silkscreened box for the special price of 299,-…