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Troy van Leeuwen (TVL) Octavia and RAVEN

“Dr. No collaborates with Troy van Leeuwen on a range of two unique signature tone guitar effects.”

The Collaboration between Troy van Leeuwen and Dr. No started after a gig in Amsterdam, were Troy van Leeuwen was playing with Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression in may 2016. Troy van Leeuwen, (known from the Queens of the Stone Age, Failure, Sweethead, and his recently formed band Gone is Gone), asked Dr. No if he would be interested in doing a project with him.

Troy van Leeuwen

Totally unprepared for this question, but as a great fan, honoured by the request, Dr. No leaves the venue and after missing his last train back, and so a long night stay at the train station, he returned to his laboratory to immediately start to outline the ideas TVL had put in his head.

It wasn’t an easy job to evolve in previous designs and sonic concept and take this to a next level as well as to capture the artist in question’s DNA and put this all in a guitar pedal.

After a long search and a few prototypes, Dr. No came to the conclusion that Troy’s wish list wasn’t able to fit in one pedal. Soon the idea came to create the whole enquired spectrum of unorthodox tones, in two enclosures and two different concepts. To be honest the signature QOTSA was a guide line as Troy van Leeuwen told Dr. No some of his sonic secrets to capture in this project.

So, not one but two pedals for this connoisseur were going to be developed.
First up is the Octavia ( not to be mistaken by an Octaver), if you listened to Jimi Hendrix and his solo at the end of “Who Knows” in “Band Of Gypsys” as well as many QOTSA riffs and songs know what an Octavia is. This Octavia is made with two functions. A “Blameshifter” (inside QOTSA joke) switch to set the gain of the Octavia, getting a nasty to sweet Fuzz tone, and a overall Volume knob.

The Octavia works best when put first is a pedal chain, try to work with guitar tone knob, when dailed back, magic octavia tones will come out better, especially from 12th fret and up.




Dr.No_Octavio_aanThe on/off light is  a custom made anatomical correct tiny Heart, on a bottom plate of real leaf gold.


The RAVEN completes the serie, that together with the TVL Octavia, that has been developed over the past nine months in collaboration with Queens of the Stone Age member Troy van Leeuwen.


The RAVEN contains a filter and booster effect that can work separately as well as together.


Functions Filter:
(RAVEN Skull knob) Capacitor switch for three different ranges.
“Q” range potentiometer for filter Q.

Functions Booster:
Volume boost knob.

A special “TVL” Crest is designed and added to the cosmetic design on both pedals top design as well as used on the wax stamp on the front side of the pedal.

The TVL RAVEN and Octavia are used on the new QOTSA record “VILLAINS” that will be released soon.

The complete design and techniques are fully handmade and feature only custom made elements especially created for this “TVL” signature collaboration effects.

Because this particular pedal consumes a lot of time and work in custom made elements to build, only a few per month will be available at this labshop and listed dealers.

Release of the Roadrunner by Dr.No!

The new release from DrNo-Effects:

The RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina” – a collaboration with Eagles of Death Metal, earthlings?, Masters of Reality, gnarltones guitarist and Rancho De La Luna owner Dave Catching. Painstakingly hand crafted with that attention to detail and flair for design that Dr.No is renowned for. It is a new sonic and engineering marvel, where Dave Catching and Dr.No have been working on intensively over the past year. A high end Old School Fuzz Wah with Octavia, with breathtaking cosmetic design and never done before techniques and features. Yes….it’s aslo a flying machine!


The official release was at a yearly festival in the Netherlands called Speedfest nov 21st, were Eagles of Death Metal planned to perform. Dave and Dr.No had worked for months on their release at this event. This went unfortunately not as planned. The week before the announced release of Dave and Dr. no’s Road Runner, Eagles of Death Metal were the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris nov 13th, and canceled all their show and RoadRunner release party to recover in the US.


Dr.No and Dave will be donating the profits from the Dave Catching RoadRunner to The Sweet Stuff Foundation which was founded to give assistance to career musicians, recording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability. At the moment they give special attention to the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris. This runs till December 31th 2015.

The Roadrunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina” is limited available for €335,- at www.DrNo-Effects.com

Thank you,


Hey there!!!
Doc here!

I have started a new exciting project with Dave Catching (earthlings?, gnarltones, Mojave Lords, Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age, owner and resident of the famed Rancho de la Luna studio in Joshua Tree California).


We are currently creating our RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina”!
What?…….Yes “Flying Machina”…….Does it fly?…..Yes it also flies!!!….other than it looks cool, why would we add wings?


The RoadRunner is a “old school” Fuzz Wah Octavia.
It has the options:
(Right front side)
Volume, Intensity and Fuzz.
(Left front side)
Octave on/off switch
Wah capacitor switch (3 options)

The Housing is done with red and blue “Flock” techniques what is an old method to give it a peach skin feel and look. It is also used on old vintage wah’s and fuzz wah’s back in the days. It aslo has a very cool new design, and the front plate and foot-rocker plate are made of high grade 3D rubber to prevent slipping.


We took the RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina” for a test flight at the Pinkpop festival 2015 with the Eagles of Death Metal, where it turned out to be perfect!!!

(Dave’s EODM board….)

We now are working on details and techniques (and more fun and cool gadgets) to finalize and realize the RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina”.

The RoadRunner “Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina” will be released in a very spectacular way end this year, around november. The RoadRunner will be made in a very limited run.

Stay tuned…..
More soon…..