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Dr. No worked and collaborated with artist Koen Fu on a new “Boutique-Boutique” guitar effect.


Dr. No Effects releases mystical collabo-boutiqueness with the ‘KFC Sauce Dispenser’-series










In 2017, Koen Fu took the opportunity to work as an artist in residence
at the famous Dr. No Effects headquarters in eindhoven holland .
This collaboration led to the development of the illustruous ‘KFC Sauce Dispenser’-series, ‘Crystal Boost’ pedal.











The device, which is a high end clean boost pedal, is said to metaphysically connect our physical world with the spiritual world, by incorporating the widely discussed ‘chrystal skull‘ technology, developed at Koen Fu’s Customshop.

It’s circuitry is designed by Dr. No and meticulously tweeked to the sonic preferences of Koen Fu, who worked on the pedals’ concept and graphic design.

Every single device is hand built from only the finest components, personally bench tested, and hand-packed in the most amazing silk-screended, environment-friendly packaging materials by Koen Fu and the Doc’, in-house at Dr. No Effects,









After purchasing the pedal, Koen Fu will perform certain rituals at his Custom Shop, directed to the performance of the Chrystal Boost pedal, which obviously are all clouded by thick smoke… Those who have been following KFC videos online, probably are acquainted with these, and it is said, he hereby is releasing an additional metaphysical potential upon every unit sold.















The back of this ‘boutique-boutique’ boost pedal states KFC is about creating ‘tools to guide you into the metaphysical realm’, and if you pair this with the already impeccable status of Dr. No Effects, you know this guarantees instant awesomeness and outstanding quality on your pedalboard.











August 2017 sees the official release of the Chrystal Boost!

Sonic Mischief Will Prevail!

“Not exactly a metal zone, but you will damn well sound ‘like a BOSS”

Please also check the Dr. No and KFC Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost demo and video “HERE”.

Retail price USD 230,15/EUR 193,- (Only and exclusively available at shop.drno-effects.com)