Stephan [Helldorados]

Stephan Tadic

Artist: Stephan Helldorados (DE)
Band: Helldorados
Using: Kafuzz!!!
Stephan Tadic

“When i first unboxed the “Kafuzz!!!” I was surprised: No manual – nothing at all. So when I put this Stompbox in front of my amp for the first time, I knew why. It don’t need to be explained! This Russian Tupolev lands directly in your face! Everything sounds the way it should. The Fuzz and Tone knobs have a big range for all the sounds you need. The first riffs that came in my mind: Black Sabbath & Kyuss.

You hear the handwiring in every note… warm, deep, direct and authentic. I could write hundreds of lines, but that would be wasted time… my amp is still warm and the Kafuzz wants to be played ;). Go and buy yourself two Boss-Pedals and think of your sound… so you would need two more and you’ll be still unhappy. Or go ahead and get one of Dr.No. Hear and feel the difference!

Thank you very much!


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