Spike [Di-rect/The Deaf]


Artist: Spike
Using: Eindhoven Power/Driver/Booster – Octofuzz – Kafuzz!!
Check out: http://www.thedeaf.nl/ | http://www.di-rect.com

“2008 Dr.No approached me and asked if I was interested in some exciting new effect pedals. I was triggered by the fact he made them himself and he was convinced I had never heared anything like it before. I checked out all the effects he had and ended up with the 60’s Octofuzz and Eindhoven stompbox. The Eindhoven stompbox is the key to my lead sound with Di-rect shows. It’s a versatile pedal that boosts your amp signal but keeps all the power and character of your sound alive. I use the distortion on this effect for most of my guitar solo’s and it gets a really great gain structure on its own. The 60’s Octofuzz is a monsterious fuzz pedal! I’ve just recorded an album with my garage punk band The Deaf and every fuzz guitar on that album is created with the Octofuzz. I love the combination of fuzz & and octaver. It blends fantastic for solo’s or vicious riffs. With the intensity feature you can sqeeze the amount of fuzz  but also crank it up and create a sharp agressive zombie fuzz! I also use this pedal with Di-rect if I want some crazy noise solo’s. I’ve tried many fuzz pedals but this one wins everytime! If you don’t want the octaver but you’re looking for a dirty 60’s psychedelic fuzz, the Kafuzz is a fantastic pedal! Play loud, keep going!”

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