Mario Lalli from Fatso Jetson “Got Fuzzed By Dr.No”!


Proud to announce that Mario Lalli (AkA “Boomer”) from the band Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man joined the “Got Fuzzed By” artists.

Mario Lalli also played and plays in bands like “Across the River”, “Yawning Man”, “The Sort of Quartet”, “Rubber Snake Charmers” and “Doom Quartet”.

Mario Lalli Fatso Jetson

Mario Lalli Fatso Jetson

Besides being a touring performer, Mario “Boomer” Lalli is known because he initiated the now legendary “Generator Parties” ( using a generator with voltage regulator, instruments, mouth to mouth advertisement, and a light bulb)  in the Low Desert near Joshua Tree and Palm Springs California, that ended in the early ’90’s. Many bands where inspired by these parties and local performances. Leaving a scene and reputation behind that later crossed and inspired the rest of the world.

Now Mario Lalli (together with son Dino Lalli, Yawning Man’s Gary Arce and Tony Tornay) is touring Europe and ends the tour with a recording/perform session in France with his Double Doom Quartet. Also Alain Johannes, Dave Catching, Joey Castillo, and Hifiklub will be collaborating on this project.

I was invited by Mario to come to a show because they appreciated my work.
As a mutual fan of Fatso Jetson, I had seen the coolest show since a long time and met some really nice folks. I brought some effects as requested and tried some before the show.
Mario now uses the PowerDriver MkII as his main effect. WAUW!

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