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Spike [Di-rect/The Deaf]

Artist: Spike
Using: Eindhoven Power/Driver/Booster – Octofuzz – Kafuzz!!
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“2008 Dr.No approached me and asked if I was interested in some exciting new effect pedals. I was triggered by the fact he made them himself and he was convinced I had never heared anything like it before. I checked out all the effects he had and ended up with the 60’s Octofuzz and Eindhoven stompbox. The Eindhoven stompbox is the key to my lead sound with Di-rect shows. It’s a versatile pedal that boosts your amp signal but keeps all the power and character of your sound alive. I use the distortion on this effect for most of my guitar solo’s and it gets a really great gain structure on its own. The 60’s Octofuzz is a monsterious fuzz pedal! I’ve just recorded an album with my garage punk band The Deaf and every fuzz guitar on that album is created with the Octofuzz. I love the combination of fuzz & and octaver. It blends fantastic for solo’s or vicious riffs. With the intensity feature you can sqeeze the amount of fuzz  but also crank it up and create a sharp agressive zombie fuzz! I also use this pedal with Di-rect if I want some crazy noise solo’s. I’ve tried many fuzz pedals but this one wins everytime! If you don’t want the octaver but you’re looking for a dirty 60’s psychedelic fuzz, the Kafuzz is a fantastic pedal! Play loud, keep going!”

Julian Sas

Using: More Gary
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“Hello everybody, I was introduced to Dr. No effects 2009 and my First thought was oh no another one who makes a sound we allready know, but from the moment I heard the sound I was convinced. I am talkin about the more gary, heavy blues stompbox. The First time I heard it I was havin fun allready with it in my sonic mind. You can give it a real big heavy feel, brings you back to ten marshall stacks with a big fat muddy sound or even when the distortion is not in use, the knob turned completely to the left, but the stompbox is on, there is this real bluessound you heard back in the old days, when amps had to be turned all the way up for a good sound, but now you can do this at home on a low volume level, which makes this stompbox an amazing one to have. At the end of the day this one was in my touring gear, and the stompbox I had used for many years, which name I shall not mention is at home in my studio. How strange can life be? So it shows that you are never too old to learn and discover and for me who is allways searching for new stuff,sonically that is, this was a revelation.” “I guess there is only one thing to say, for me it should be Dr.Yes instead of DR.No, but then again it is Dr.No… so say YES to Dr.No, the one and only Dr. who did find my cure… sonically that is, hahahaahah”
greetings Julian