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Cool DrNo-Effects “Musicians” More Gary review.

Very often I receive a kind mail of satisfied Musicians who likes to share their DrNo-Effects experience.
So did Dan Anthony from Canada who received his More Gary by ordering online.
Dan even put this “Pro’s and Con’s” list together to give his honest opinion that could be helpful when your considering a DrNo-Effects purchase.

“Hello Dr No !

Just wanted to let you know that my pedal arrived in good order yesterday – excellent packing and packaging THANKS !!!

As soon as I got it home I couldn’t wait to plug it in and experiment. I’m not sure just where to begin.

First – let me tell you that as a “hobbyist” guitarist (I play mostly for my own enjoyment and sometimes for others) I have owned somewhere between 30 and 40 overdrives. In fact I currently have about 15 that I have narrowed that down to. Most are of the higher end “boutique” variety and there are some that I do favour over others. I am pleased to announce that with immediate effect, all of them will take a back seat to your “More Gary”.

Maybe I should qualify by saying that I am a true fan of “overdrive” – not necessarily “gain”. What you have accomplished in your pedal is EXACTLY what overdrive is and should be. Like many, when I purchase or am thinking about a new product I try to put together a “pro’s” and “con’s” list. Here’s the one I put together on the More Garypedal.


Simple but very dynamic controls.

Smooth increases in volume and drive from min to max – no sudden“jumps” in either control – up or down.

Tone control that actually brightens and darkens without adding “scratchy” treble or “booming” bass. No sacrifice on either side of 12 noon.

Increasing volume does not increase drive / Increasing drive does not increase volume. THIS IS THE WAY A PEDAL IS SUPPOSED TO FUNCTION !!!!

Absolutely NOISELESS.

Works the same but sounds different with every guitar and amp combination – it drives both the guitar and amp NATURALLY – the way the manufacturers intended them to sound when driven.

Sounds perfect at all volume levels.

Multiple “sweet spots”.

I could go on and on and on in this category – so let’s talk about the “Con’s”.


If you (or someone) can find any – give up music !!!!!!

This is without a doubt the finest and “truest” pedal (of any kind) I have ever purchased. It does EXACTLY what it should and never gets in the way of either guitar, amp or other effects. Had I found you, your company and your products some time ago, I never would have purchased anything else.

I believe I have found my “Holy Grail” of overdrives.

I am a Strat player – mostly single coils but have a couple of humbucker models. Your pedal is PERFECT with every one of them. I have some high end amplifiers as well and again the pedal is just great with all of them.

Have I said enough ???

Thank you for making a product respond and sound EXACTLY the way it should and do EXACTLY what it is supposed to.

Best Regards,

Dan Anthony

Brampton, Ontario CANADA”

Thanks Dan!

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Soundgarden Rig Rundown Featuring DrNo-Effects

Today they woke me up calling with “Doc..there is this video with Chris Cornell’s Pedalboard”…(me) “Yes”…..”Your on it!!”….(me) “No im not… im here!..In my bed!”…”No your freaking pedals Dude…….”. WAUW!!!! Dont needed coffee this early morning.

Check it out at 54:02 , and yes….hes got two on it!

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