Who is Dr.No?

Hi there, I started my small business in 2006, on my small “attic laboratory” by creating simple but good sounding effects for friends and myself. As a kid I discovered the magical and organic sound of analog vintage effect pedals, that became a true inspiration for me. Listening to all the guitar gods of that time, I became obsessed by their tone and individuality that also inspired me to start playing the guitar myself around the age of 14. Those guitar gods created the sound that all the future generation musicians were inspired by, until today. At the same time the effects major brands were discovering the digital era, and evolution went on… but what I believed the wrong way.

Early 2000 I started as a guitar tech for many professional and touring bands. During my career as a tech I came across many cool musicians who agreed with my opinion about the new digital effects. They all mentioned the same things like “they take all the humanity out of making music”, “these devices are soulless” , “they don’t inspire me to create music”, “at a certain point you reach the boundaries” and “they simulate the real deal”. Unfortunately the “real deal” (the vintage analog effects) became collector’s items that were hard to find and unaffordable. Besides that when you purchased your favorite vintage collectors effect, they broke down and could not be repaired in original state and thereby lose their value.

With DrNo-Effects I want to re-create the honest, inspirational sound from the past and combine this with my artistic expression. I believe in some parts of life people and companies can make the wrong short term decisions and create things that standing across the vision and religion of making music, that remain a human process with emotions and a way to express our creativity. Every musician wants to be an individual and self-expressed person, digital is not the answer and tool to contribute in that process. DrNo-Effects provides the modern musician the opportunity to create their own “individual signature sound”. Together with your playing style and your choice of guitar and amp, you can use my effects to reach that goal.

Last but not least, I put all my time and energy to create my effects, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for you!

I hope you want to contribute to a more human world and create your own sound. “Keep the Music alive,…..use analog”

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