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NEW Dr. No Effects SkullFuzz!!!

Due to many requests, the SKULLFUZZ is now available in a “tour/pedalboard friendly” housing.

The SKULLFUZZ internal circuit remains the same as in the other two versions of the SKULLFUZZ (Human Skull versions and the Art SkullFuzz).


The two eye balls are now replaced by two daily knobs that have the function “Volume” & ” Fuzz”. The mini toggle switch has two ways to change the character of the Fuzz.


Imagine Incredible Hell noise caused by the Devil sharpening  his trident on a huge steam powered hone, rocketing heavy glowing metal shards that descend on a scorched landscape littered with skulls, a dark world where millions of moaning souls wander and scream of unsustainable Hell pain…

This is a summary of how the Skull Fuzz sounds. It can’t get more heavy  than this.



Dr.No_SkullFuzz2These SKULLFUZZ has a very complex circuit as brain, two daily knobs as Fuzz, Volume knob. The little switch on the side creates a short circuit in the brain for a variation in Fuzz. These unique SkullFuzzes come with custom handmade silkscreen box protection cloth and are available in limited numbered series.

Like you are used to all Dr. No Effects, the SKULLFUZZ is fully made by hand.

Go here to Dr. No’s official webshop to purchase a limited copy.

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