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YES!!! Finally my new “labshop” is launched!

The question I received more frequently was, “where can we purchase your effects?”.
Because the shops where mostly focusing on standard products offered by the little remaining distributors, they wouldn’t or couldn’t invest in high-end exclusive gear from unique builders and instrument makers. Times are changing when it comes to consumer purchasing, and online shopping possibilities are a must for every creator.

There was a growing demand for my hand-made effects, but only a few dealers who still wanted to invest in boutique instruments, were selling them and stocking them.
I am very proud to have this small but fine group of passionate dealers who are also became good friends! Please visit my updated list of official dealers ” HERE”!

Even though the hard work of my dealers, the demand became higher and also from regions that had no dealers.

My most important goal is to deliver world’s finest tone to musicians all over the world, and there for I build my ““LABSHOP”. A small online, safe shopping boutique store featuring all my creations, with “WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING” ! These are available for the same pricing as the official dealers price.

Soon there will be more items added, like T-shirts, Dr.No Effects Merchandise, new effects etc.

Please take a look around.



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