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Home of world’s finest and authentic handmade guitar effects!

Dr. No Effects is one of the last remaining commercial guitar effects builders that are truly handcrafted. Monster Tones and Killer Art.

“Dr. No Effects was founded in 2003. All Dr. No Effects are fully handcrafted
in Dr. No’s Laboratory located in Eindhoven The Netherlands.
Dr. No Effects are made in limited run’s with or without a collaboration of Artists that inspired Dr. No to make them, all made one by one using old school techniques to create the ultimate tone. Build with care, with a pinch of pepper and a touch of art.

Thank you for visiting my Laboratory!

My name is Dr. No.

I started my company in 2003,  in Eindhoven the Netherlands, the city were Philips was founded and invented their first lightbulb.
My creations are handmade with care and an eye for details on cosmetics, cause” I love a good piece of art integrated in a functional tool,… but most of all importance, the tone”.

All elements of my creations are done here in my lab, with old school techniques and materials, like hand printed circuit board assembly, silkscreen techniques, unique parts sculpture (like knobs, and other cosmetic pedal parts) and the casting of those parts, full hand assembly of every effect that leaves my little factory, and hand made packaging. I like to use high grade and premium, and sometimes rare components to build my creations, because I only want what is best to create impeccable tone and durability on my effects that last forever.

Dr. No Effects is one of the last remaining guitar effects manufactories that make everything in house by hand as well as none of my used elements are made in low cost labour countries or are mass produced or use small scaled cheap components, like this is the regular standart in general industry nowadays.

Dr. No Effects is also a “green” company that works environmentally friendly in using materials and labour. I am proud of this way of remaining the old fashioned way to create beautiful and inspirational musical tools for you. “I always compare my creations with old US made cars that lasts forever cause they were made to serve the consumer and really be proud to build a quality product……they don’t make them any more like that…..Here I still do!” It is not and never will be my main goal to reach mass audience and sell to the mass audience, but create the best tools with the coolest art available in this industry for the true tone connoisseurs.

“Every single effect is produced one by one by me, before it ships out to you.”

Please take a look in my gallery called my LABSHOP were you can purchase my handmade creations. I also have a carefully selected dealers page with shops that share my passion about quality and unique products. Go HERE to search for a official Dr. No Effects Dealer!

Thank you!




Dr No Effects: vintage guitar effects





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