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Home of world’s finest guitar effects with that “True Vintage Tone”

Here it is possible to own your little piece of Analog History!

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr.No. I make Music and Art for musicians and artists to inspire them to create Music and Art. I collaborate with Musicians and Artists that inspire me to bring you world’s finest musical gear experience. I do not create for commercial businesses, musical instruments industry and or shops, but only for people that are passionate about Art and Music….YOU! I don’t like to call my creations “products” as well. Into every single creation I have put my passion, love and soul, to create something truly special and unique.

Years and years of hard labor, relentless research and testing in my laboratories (located in the heart of a magical place in the Netherlands, called Eindhoven, (were Philips invented their first light bulb), have now resulted in my insane collection of hand-crafted analog guitar-effects and musical instruments.

Yes….every single creation is build and created by me and only me.”

Dr.No has come a long way before introducing his award-winning collection to the world, so please visit his website and have a look. Check out Dr.No’s ‘wild’ range of unique guitar-effects, see their incredible designs, and feast your ears on the unique and superior sounds they produce.

DrNo-Effects gives you the possibility to own and play your own little piece of Analog History.
Dr No Effects: vintage guitar effects




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